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Fly Fishing Guides

Fly fishing guides are available every where the fisherman can look. There are guides that give steps on how to buy the right fly fishing reels, fly fishing rods, as well as offering new techniques and secret tips for the fisherman from levels of beginner to pro. The beginner’s guide to fly fishing helps the […]

Fly Fishing Casting

When you are a beginner fly fishermen, there are a lot of things that are going through your head. Unfortunately for a lot of anglers, fly fishing casting techniques seem to be just out of reach. Thankfully, casting a fly properly, and putting it in the precise location is not near as hard as most […]

How To Properly Set The Drag On Your Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel

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In this article, I will explain to you how to properly set the drag on your ultralight fishing rod open reel. This is essential when using ultralight fishing lines because if the drag is set too stiff, you will snap the line. If it is too loose, you will never be able to put enough pressure on the fish, to get him to the bank, or boat.

Ultralight Fishing Reels Explained!

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There are so many ultralight fishing reels on the market today, most of you have no idea where to begin when you are on the search for one. I hope to clear a few things up with this article. I will be talking about quality ultralight fishing reels only, none of that junk you find […]