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Fly Fishing Casting

When you are a beginner fly fishermen, there are a lot of things that are going through your head. Unfortunately for a lot of anglers, fly fishing casting techniques seem to be just out of reach. Thankfully, casting a fly properly, and putting it in the precise location is not near as hard as most anglers make it out to be, and to make sure that you learn the right fly fishing casting techniques, you are going to want to follow these few tips. With the following advice, and a lot of patience, practice, and persistence, you will go a long way towards improving your fly casting techniques.

The first tip that you need to start practicing, is to remove the slack in your fly line, before you begin the casting movement. By having slack in your line, before you make your cast, you are going to disperse the energy that you have put into it, in one of the slacked areas, rather than having the energy travel down the fly line, to the fly, giving you the beautiful, accurate cast that you are looking for.

Another tip that you need to keep in mind, is while you are casting, and trying to get line to pull, you are going to want to make sure that you use abrupt stops at the end of your casting stroke. This abrupt stop allows for the weight of the line to pull more out, giving you increased distance on your cast. A lot of anglers are too smooth in their casting technique, and don’t provide enough of the “stop & whip” at the end of their stroke, and wonder why they can only achieve shorter distances, or not cast at all in windy conditions. This extra snap will go long ways towards you improving your fly fishing casting technique.

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