How To Properly Set The Drag On Your Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel


In this article, I will explain to you how to properly set the drag on your ultralight fishing rod open reel. This is essential when using ultralight fishing lines because if the drag is set too stiff, you will snap the line. If it is too loose, you will never be able to put enough pressure on the fish, to get him to the bank, or boat. Follow these, and with time, you will gain the experience necessary to adjust your drag on the fly. This is useful for trolling, or soaking baits.

First, put a regular hook on the line, and find something sturdy that you can hook it to outside. Make sure you have a clear area, so you can let out about 10 yards, or 30 feet of line. You want to do this on monofilament, and fluorocarbon fishing lines, and they will snap, where braid won’t. Ultralight Braided Fishing Line has a different technique, where you just adjust it according to the bend of the rod. Just enough to keep from snapping it!

Once you have about 30 feet out, tighten the drag down as tight as possible. In most cases, with this much line out, you won’t be able to put enough pressure to snap it. If you do feel like it will snap though, loosen the drag a few clicks.

Now reel in about 10 feet. Test again, pulling against the hook to find the point that the line or the rod feels like they are going to break. Loosen the drag until it starts letting off pressure.

Ok, reel in another 10 feet or so. This is for when the fish is right next to the bank, or at the side of the boat. Put as much pressure as you can with one hand, trying to find that magic point. This is where you want to loosen it just enough to allow your drag and bail to spin. Not freely though. Loosen it in small intervals to ensure the best placement. When the drag on your open reel is set correctly at this point, you will be able to put enough pressure on the fish to control him, but once he makes his powerful runs next to the bank or boat, he will be able to pull some drag, but with enough resistance to tire him down.

If you use these techniques, you should be able to bank more fish this season. Don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to gain valuable tips for your next ultralight fishing adventure!

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