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Trout Fishing Flies

When it comes to fly fishing, a lot of anglers understand that the flies determine how your day is going to go, but not necessarily whether or not they should buy their trout fishing flies, or whether they should tie them on their own. Tying your own trout fishing fly does give you a better understanding of the species that you are going after, as long as you have done your research, and determined the types of insects and larvae in your area. Knowing what the trout in your area are eating consistently will help you to figure out exactly which type of trout fly is right.

The art of tying your own trout flies isn’t all that difficult, but a lot of anglers easily get discouraged. Anyone can go out and buy their favorite pack of spinners, or an all inclusive set of flies, but to tie your own is a completely different endeavor. In order to get the most strikes from your time though, you are going to have to dedicate hours to getting your new trout flies looking perfect. If they look even the slightest bit off, you may end up spooking the fish, instead of feeding them.

Because tying flies for trout fishing takes so long, and is such an incredibly tedious process, many anglers unfortunately find themselves preferring to buy their flies. So what type of angler are you? Are you one that is going to enter into a catalog, or fishing shop to find the best new fly for your trip? Or are you going to try to tie one by yourself, using just a few materials, a bare hook, and some determination?

You could easily go overboard, buying hundreds of dollars worth of fly tying materials. Because of this, if you are planning to start tying your own, you are going to want to make sure that you start with a basic kit, that includes the types of materials that you are going to need. There are so many different types of fabrics, flosses, streamers, flash, and other types of materials, that you can literally become overwhelmed when you sit down to begin tying. If you feel that you have the patience and determination, and want to begin tying your own trout fishing flies, then by all means, get going with a beginners kit, that includes hooks, and fabrics, and then sit down at a station with vise, magnifying lens, and a bright light.

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