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Bamboo Fly Rods

Rods made for fishing or fly fishing can be made from numerous materials. As such, there are some made from bamboo. Bamboo fly rods are surprisingly popular, for both their aesthetic look and clean finish. The bamboo fly rod is made by select retailers who delve themselves into the making of the bamboo fly rod.

Many online stores have bamboo fly rods for sale, but are usually made after you order them, so that it is specifically made for the person ordering. The bamboo fly rod makers take great pride in their art, and some offer classes on how to make and construct a bamboo fly rod.

There are bamboo fly rod building classes, as well as books and instructional guides that can help someone build and create their own bamboo fly rod. Some sites on the internet show certain methods, and you can sign up for the classes online as well.

Bamboo fly fishing rods have long been popular, due to their sleek design and the overall look of the piece of equipment. Former U.S President Jimmy Carter had one customized just for him, and his antique bamboo fly rods’ have helped the popularity of the bamboo fly rods.

Some sites showcase vintage bamboo fly rods and how much they are, prices greatly dwarfing current models. These used bamboo fly rods can be purchased, but as with older cars, they cost a great deal of money.

With a quick search on the internet, bamboo fly rods and bamboo fly rod blanks can be found. They are beautifully and artfully crafted, and are perfect for fishing.

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