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Best Fly Fishing Flies

The best that can be said about finding and purchasing fly fishing flies, is that you are really opening a can of worms. All kidding aside, there are literally thousands of flies to chose from, and they can cost any where from forty cents a piece to the sky is the limit.

First you will need to narrow down your fly needs by category, salt or freshwater, and then by type of fish. If you are purchasing your flies online, they selections in bulk of a few dozen per purchase. You may want to go to a local anglers shop at first so you can select individual ones until you find a brand and type you prefer.

There are people who make their own fly fishing flies and it is truly an art form. Figuring out what will catch the eye of their next trophy trout, and building it by hand. These anglers have tried store bought or mass produced flies, and have concluded that they know better than anyone else does. Making flies is a hobby to some that turns into a small side business that caters to their friends and coworkers. Many retirees find this very relaxing and a time-consuming interest.

It takes some sport fishermen several attempts to find just the right fly for the job, but that is half the fun. Dialing in the best combination of fishing rig and bait is part of the anglers struggle to come out on top of the sport..

Some people that do not even fish collect custom fly fishing flies just for the their aesthetic value and decorate their study or home office with them. You would be surprised how much collectors will pay for that perfect and unique fly that they must have for their own collection. You can usually find online auctions that sell these rare works of angler art.

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