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Fly Fishing Guide

Do you really need a fly fishing guide? Chances are, if you are looking at your local waters in dismay, and cannot catch fish to save your soul, then you may as well need the services of a qualified fishing guide. However, for most anglers, instead of sinking down money on a guide in your area, you can actually get away with picking up a fly fishing DVD, or book, and with enough practice, start catching fish on a regular basis. This will save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of a guide, as a half day trip usually ranges around $200 or more.

So what part of your angling game needs help? In order to determine if a guide for fly fishing is required in your situation, you are going to have to figure out what it is that you think you need help with. If you are unable to catch fish on a regular basis, then maybe your casting technique is off a bit. It could also be that the flies you are tying haven’t been tied properly. What about the size of your rod, compared to the type of fish you are targeting?

All of these questions are usually what anglers find themselves concerned over. A fly guide can help you with your fishing technique, and give you tips on how to tie your flies better, or cast better, and more accurately, but in the end, the only thing that is really going to help you, is practice.

If you are just looking to get away, and get out on the water for the day, then a fly fishing guide is perfect for you. They can get you on the fish, and keep you on them the entire day. For the money spent, this is a lot easier than buying a DVD, but if you are an angler that is looking to enjoy the sport more, and have plans to get on the water on a consistent basis, then maybe a fly fishing book or DVD is exactly what you need.

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