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Fly Fishing Hooks

If you tie your own fishing flies, then there are a few different types of fly fishing hooks that you are going to want to make sure you use. Using the right tool for the job is exactly the fundamentals behind fly fishing, and using the wrong hook can cause your flies to either look unnatural, or not hook the fish properly.

Wet fly, and nymph hooks are needed when you have to get the fly down in front of the fishes face. Some species are particular about how they want their meals, and will only chase a fly that is worked under the surface of the water. These types of hooks are perfect.

Streamer hooks on the other hand, are going to be fished near the bottom. Because of this, you are going to want a straight shank hook, to avoid digging into anything. If you are losing streamers on snags, and hangups, simply increase the speed that you strip your line.

Dry fly hooks must me lightweight, to keep from sinking the fly. Topwater action is probably the most exhilarating type of fishing that any angler can perform, especially fly fishermen. By creating a light commotion on the surface of the water, dry fly fishing flies grab the fishes attention, without causing too much ruckus.

Caddis fly hooks could easily be the staple of any fly fishermens arsenal. These insects are found in quality water systems around the world, and are a great judging indicator of other life forms in the system. If you see a lot of caddis flies, or other related insects, it may be time to grab some fly fishing hooks designed specifically for them.

There you have it. Using the right fly fishing hook for the occasion really is how you bag more fish on each trip to the water.

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