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Fly Fishing Nets

You will probably own two types of fly fishing nets in your fishing rig inventory. The first is a short handle net that attaches to your fly fishing vest magnetically, with Velcro, or with a spring loaded cable spool that clips on to the vest. The other net being a long handled net for fishing from a boat, and needs a longer reach. Some long handled nets come with a telescopic feature for those extra long reaches when needed. The frame choice can be that of wood, plastic, fiberglass, and surely soon will be available in carbon fiber for even more durable and lighter nets. Some brands to look for are May Fly, Zephyr, Cabella, and Orvis.

The types of bags available for fly fishing nets come in cotton, rubber, plastic, and nylon. You may want to stick with cotton or rubber to prevent damaging the membrane of the fish for successful trophy mounting. It is a good idea to keep a couple of extra bags stored in your vehicle in case of damage when landing your fish. Try the three varieties and see which works best for you. The idea is to have a seamless procedure of capturing your aquatic prey with little trouble as possible, so you can get back to bagging more trout.

As will all fly fishing gear, your choices and needs will change as you advance in experience and skill. Always keep in mind that today’s purchase may be part of great starter combo for your youngster or new found fly fishing friend. Buy for quality and best value for the dollar when shopping for fly fishing nets, and keep it cleaned and well maintained just like you keep your rod and reel. If you take care of your fly fishing gear it will always take care of you.

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