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Fly Fishing Retreat

Question: I am planning a luxury fly fishing retreat for 10 key customers. These people have the money to do whatever they want so we need to impress. I am very unfamiliar with fly fishing so would like some recommendations on the best locations to fish that have the most high end, luxury accommodations as well as engaging people to take the group out to fish. In addition, I would like to find a location that has a full service, high end spa for those who do not want to fish. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Answer: That is a really hard question to answer, actually. Depending on when you are wanting to take the vacation, you are going to have to look into the weather conditions. Some places, such as Alaska, and even Canada, become frozen over during the colder months of the year. A couple places your party might enjoy, having said that, are lodges in Arkansas, or even Florida.

Arkansas offers more backcountry settings, with trout, and salmon being on top of the menu. Other species are available, but most guides will insist on putting you onto the trout, for a great dinner, as well.

Florida, on the other hand, offers incredibly large fish, and large rods. If your group would be interested in a more tropical, lush setting, you might want to consider taking them to Florida for a fly fishing trip.

Your options are truly endless though, because most lodges are going to provide an excellent experience. Just let them know ahead of time that you are handling the vacation and trip for your business clients, and that they expect to impress. The price may be slightly higher for better service, but if you’ve already stated that expense is no object.

Great luck on your decision! Tight lights!

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