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Kayak Paddle

Buying the right kayak paddle can mean the difference between a successful kayak fishing trip, and one that goes down in the record books as a day of chaos. There is a huge variety of kayak paddles on the market, and many beginning anglers, even seasoned kayak anglers get confused about the options provided, but as long as you take these few tips into consideration, you will have a much easier time buying your next kayak paddle. First, determine the material, and your budget. This will play a huge role in how comfortable you are while paddling. Next, figure out if you need any extra bends to help cope with paddling all day.

When it comes to selecting which material to buy, your budget plays a huge role. A plastic kayak paddle is the cheapest of the bunch, but unfortunately, is not going to last you very long. Next is the aluminum, and other metal materials. While these are about the beginning of what I would consider a good kayak paddle, they are still incredibly heavy. Their price range is right for most entry level anglers, though, so they make an excellent choice if you are on the fence, about whether or not the sport is right for you.

For those more experienced anglers, or kayakers with a larger budget, you are going to want to consider fiberglass, or even carbon fiber. A carbon fiber kayak paddle is going to run you a substantial amount of money, but the flexibility, as well as the lightweight provides you a very comfortable day of paddling, especially if you are planning longer kayak fishing trips. There are some paddles that have extra bends in them, to allow for more comfort, which if you have aches in your joints, is a good idea to think about buying. As long as you take this into consideration before you drop down your hard earned money, you will be a lot happier with your kayak paddle purchase, than if you were to just buy the first, best looking one that you saw.

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