Ultralight Fishing With the Right Rod, Line and Swimming Grubs-Catch alot of Fish!


Turn On To Grubs- Tune In To More Bass!

In this age of information we’re able to talk to millions of fishermen in real time. Instead of watching tv commercials and buying every lure because they say it works, we can just check out a company online. We’re looking for Ultralight fishing tackle and lures that anyone can use. We also decided to take a new approach at some of our featured tips and tricks, and we’re going to feature a company that has a Facebook, with tons of followers, hey, alot of followers must mead they have a great product. We’re also looking at their Youtube page. Think about that next time you head to Bass Pro Shop or Gander Mountain, think bout supporting a company that has built their reputation and product based on people. That being said meet PowerTeam Lure Company.

Fishing with GrubsNow after you tried everything in your tackle-box and haven’t caught a thing and ready to give up you should try using a Plastic Grub. Even better before wasting your time not catching anything use a Grub in the first place. Assuming you have your ultralight rod, a 6 footer will do, remember we plan on catching a big one so make sure you don’t still have your 4 pound line on there, 6 pound will do just fine. To get a Bass to go after a Gurb in cold water you want to drop it to the bottom. Using a 4 ounce or so weighted hook let it sink and work it across the bottom. A good technique to get it to swim across the bottom naturally is once it hits the bottom lift the tip of your rod , and retrieve your line letting it swim across the bottom. The Grub can be productive around rock beds and drop-offs. Cast it out and swim it, twitch it, or use a combination of both.
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Power Team Grubs

Power Team Grubs

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