Fly Fishing For Bass – Why Not?

Here are some popular bass lures for fly fishing.

Here are some popular bass lures for fly fishing.

 Normally when you think fly fishing you think trout. Historically fly fishing is reserved for mountian streams and rivers. Fishing for bass is normally done the old way with conventional lures and baits. Here’s a twist, how about fly fishing for Bass?

So grab a fly fishing lure and head to your favorite fishing spot!

Bass Fly Fishing I left Los Angeles to go fly fishing at “the Canals” My flies: chartreuse/white and orange/white clousers (I found these two colors work the best), reddish crayfish, foam spiders (normally used for panfish, but the smallies attack it like crazy, EXPLOSION CITY! ), and a black pencil popper (no name for this fly I just tied what I think might work) I made. I lost count after 40 bass. All and all it was an awesome day of fishing. My next video will be of the Colorado River. All my fish were released unharmed. So GET LOST PETA!!! I had to remake this because my girlfriend thinks my videos are the most boring thing on earth. WOMEN }:| by Jerry Phan 😀

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25 Responses to “Fly Fishing For Bass – Why Not?”

  1. Maddawgbaits says:

    i drove by there, never knew there was fish there

  2. rickhorror says:

    where are the canals located i live in los angeles and do alot of fishing and have not yet came across this like to give it a shot …maybe you could message me with directions..thanks nice video

  3. cdmadison08 says:

    @818hyko818 10 freeway… till you hit the river =D

  4. cdmadison08 says:

    the bridge is just below the diversion on the dam right? ive caught some huge ‘gills there and some nice bass.

  5. rare232 says:

    Where are “The Canals” located?

  6. triviumlambofgod says:

    @bloose27 i find a green wooly bugger catches me bass every time i go out

  7. CoolLikePenguinNuts says:

    This probably isn’t “PC fly fishing” But I slay smallies with a Berkley Yum Crawfish soft bait. I rig heavy dumb bell eyes on a hook. I rig the baits accordingly while I fish. Sometimes I add a big split shot right at my improved clench not. I fish them slow with the ocassional dart and a lot of pause. I use a sage xi3 9wt. with a sage 4580cf reel and full sinking line. I love the reel becasue the spools are light and affordable. I can change lines really easily from floating to sinking.

  8. 818hyko818 says:

    i live in Van Nuys How would i get there???

  9. sharinganmaster12 says:

    Hey i live in SoCal and i love fishing for Largemouth and fly fishing is a passion so if you dont mind where exactly is “The Canals”???

  10. bantamhockey300 says:

    hey im 14 from new york and just started flyfishing trout. can u send me a message telling me how to match the hatch. i mostly go for trout but i spin fish largemouth with rubber worms and jitterbugs and stuff like tht. if u could send me tht message tho…thx alot

  11. bantamhockey300 says:

    hey im 14 from new york and just started to flyfish for trout. and i hav caught a deceent amount. the only thing is i dont kno how to match the hatch…if u could send me a messsage it would be greatly appreciated. and i am just starting to flyfish bass too. i mostly just spinfish for them tho with rubber worms

  12. bantamhockey300 says:

    hey im 14 and started to flyfish trout in the wappingers creek n hav caught a decent amount. but what i was wondering is how to match the hatch…like knowing what fly to use. if uu can send me a message back plzzzzzz

  13. Kev2380 says:

    Great video, was this in El Centro?

  14. TheDadx3 says:

    Very cool, SF5. I admire your generosity in revealing your fishing spots. You are a good fisherman and, apparently, a good guy. Thanks for the video!

  15. pugilist102 says:

    Moving to LA from Wisconsin, glad to see there are some fishing spots there!

  16. MrTightlines22 says:

    Is this the Santa Ana river, if so, im goin there tomarrow, what should i use?


  17. AZNska8 says:


  18. pbgstar says:

    This is awesome stuff dude. Do you ever get up to Silverwood lake for Largemouths? Im about 30 min from LA

  19. mikefishing0 says:

    nice fish

  20. ultraman1red says:

    I live LA .Where are these canals?

  21. chatog1992 says:

    hey space..can u do me a favor and please send me the directions for this place..i live in los angeles..thank you so much.

  22. spacefrogg5 says:

    use crayfish made with reddish zonker strips, i made it with chenille and zonker strips and dumbell eyes.

  23. spacefrogg5 says:

    hi i was using kinda my own version of a bunny crayfish. clousers work really well.

  24. deeznutts05 says:

    Hi just wondering where is the canals located? can you email me??

  25. xXDeadoraliveXx says:

    Those smallies are epic…

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