Fishing with Chad: How to fish for big bass with swim baits


Swim baits are a very popular lure, and there are lots of them. But some are better than others and many people misuse them. so today Chad will show you his favorite baits and how to use them. Fishing with chad is partners with

Friend Catching a 2lbs White Papio While Dunking Shrimp.
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19 Responses to “Fishing with Chad: How to fish for big bass with swim baits”

  1. kayteeiiee says:


  2. Coxy1497 says:

    Nice video!

  3. jmbigbassboy says:

    Great video! I see other kids talk and talk about how to use a bait and never catch any thing on the so keep it up!

  4. TylerV73 says:

    Ever tried the storm wildeye live swimshad its got the treble hook on the bottom and is kind of a hard/soft plastic its my number one swimbait looks exactly like a baby bass i love it

  5. fishingman648 says:

    set the hook with a slow reaction, when you feel the bite wait 1 second. that is about the perfict time. remember, bass don’t bite baits, they suck them in, the bigger the fish, the longer it takes. so if you miss fish wile doing this they’re probably small

  6. Deepseafishingisfun says:

    Do you know when to set the hook?please!

  7. batstarwars2 says:

    Yay….Storm is one of my favorite swimbaits! Excpecily the fake Crappie.

  8. Funnyman904 says:

    man you got some great videos, keep it up! im 14 and love fishing. keep making these videos and you could make a living from this someday

  9. ADAVfish6 says:

    Really nice videos man!
    Keep it up!

  10. 1996catfish says:

    nice kid

  11. wilsoncampos8 says:

    nice man

  12. outdoorsman97 says:

    I would rather use a Chatterbait or a crankbait for bass but swimbaits are nice too! Great vid very narrative!!!!

  13. physchohead24 says:

    nice video. pretty helpfull.

  14. dredding says:

    Good video Chad. You have a good start to becoming a pro !

  15. 808raiderinparadise says:

    good fun

  16. wtsblair says:

    catch and release i hope, maybe 1 lb. No Way 2lb….good fishing story

  17. HeyAiNoKeaYouAssO says:

    pearl harbor… wouid’nt eat dat., might glow in da dark = )

  18. kronic96797 says:

    Chee dats wats up

  19. 808oahuboy says:

    I know wea dat iz. Mean spot!! Just gotta watchout for the mps on the boats.

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