Fly-Fishing Instruction Super Hopper Dropper


Mikey Wier shows how to use his super hopper dropper set up to fish for trout. Learn how to connect and use the Hop-icator as well as other signature flies from Mikey available through Idylwilde flies. This is an interpretation of how he likes to use the system, but Mikey encourages getting creative and fishing how you feel best suites your style.

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27 Responses to “Fly-Fishing Instruction Super Hopper Dropper”

  1. lucasmorter says:


  2. miertjie94 says:

    @wallpaperkilla flyes arent bait dumbass

  3. wallpaperkilla says:

    Hm….Two seperate baits on a line?? Thats not legal here in Indiana, at least with bait fishing. we use one bait, one hook.

  4. TheWhopman says:

    scooby Doo,,,Where Are you!

  5. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  6. safeandnontoxic019 says:

    Nice fish!!!

  7. placervilledesign says:

    Thanks Mikey, will have to try that dropper set up tomorrow 🙂

  8. placervilledesign says:

    Thanks Mikey, will have to give that dropper set up a try tomorrow 🙂

  9. tfitch1205 says:

    Great Job. I have used this method for years.
    One Problem: Here in Utah where I live, only two flies are allowed on the line. Using a dry as an indicator, means that I can only use one nymph. I still occasionally use a foam indicator instead of the dry indicator so that I can use two nymphs.

  10. xiaemperor says:

    have you ever tried this method (mono loop system) on a Klinkhamer?

  11. TheVokabKompany says:

    mikey weir, the main mufasa…..ur taking me fishing when i come to tahoe (aug 7 bud!!!)

  12. bonesyboy333 says:

    @FFSDenny Great thanks for this. Can you please tell me the names or send me a link to one of these shops? Does Idylwide have any shops in Australia?

  13. FFSDenny says:

    @bonesyboy333 These flies can be bought through fly fishing specialtiy shops that sell Idylwilde Flies.

  14. rcclimbhigher says:

    indcate this hopicator!!

  15. 9010s says:

    Could you please tell me where this is?

  16. bonesyboy333 says:

    Do you sell any of these hopper flies or any other dry fly patterns? I am very interested, so let me know.

  17. bonesyboy333 says:

    Do you sell any of these hopper flies or any other dry fly patterns? I am very interested, so let me know.

  18. redshaftedflicker says:

    thanks for the tutorial–very easy to understand and very informative–i’ll have to tie up some hoppicators–your droppers look great as well–great info on how to fight larger fish!

  19. comedyshowtv1 says:

    fly fishing is my fave sport

  20. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like this then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

  21. nerfmaster234 says:

    alright flyfishing sucks

  22. MrTrouthunter says:

    Good Tips , Great Idea

  23. MrAceman111 says:

    cool so cool really cool

  24. TonyDurst says:

    I have never had much success with multi-fly rigs. I do not respond well to my shit getting fucking tangled all together or losing 3 flies to a snag. Save yourself the time and headache by turning over a few rocks or just watch some glassy water to see whats coming off.

  25. louie948 says:

    Appreciate the effort, but you made no sense whatsoever. I don’t use the eye of the fly, and I did the loop to loop and put this through that- come on man- show this with a rope and large object or something. This video was impossible to follow.

  26. jonathan parkes says:

    The insruction video for the Hop-Icator is confusing to me. Mono loops don’t slip, You must be talking about something other than non-slip mono loops? You say mono loops front and back. I see the front loop thru the hook and around the fly. I see you thread the tippet through the rear hook, but I son’t see you tying it on. You call it a mono loop, so that must be what you did off camera. then you say wrap the line with a loop to loop through the first mon loop. It doesn’t show this important step. Last, you don’t show how to thread the tag end from the front through the mono loop in back. Are you making the back mono loop with the tag end as you cinch it.? Maybe you think it is obvious, but as a customer interested in your fly I hope you will consider my difficulties and write me back.

  27. jonathan parkes says:

    I’m not trying to give you a hard time! After seeing your instructional video a few more times, I get that you tie non-slip mono loops at both ends. Then you make a loop to loop through the loop in front, not the hook, as you would with an indicator. Then you run the tag end through the loop of the mono loop in back. You don’t cinch it, it just sits there loose for when you need to adjust the length of the leader if the front end of the fly.
    Did I get it yet?

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