Hammering Panfish With


This is a Panfish Video I put together containing footage from my last 3 fishing adventures. I got a lot of footage and caught well over 100 fish but I narrowed the footage down to 5 fish per location. I fished at Lake Washington, American Lake, and Swofford Pond! I caught Bluegills, Rock Bass, and Yellow Perch. I caught them all using my Pen Rod Extreme & Goliath both with MX 15 All Aluminum Rear Drag Reels available only at These rods are awesome and provide the best experience in ultra light fishing! Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Feedback welcome! Like my Facebook Page and check in for pictures and updates that don’t make it to YouTube. http
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24 Responses to “Hammering Panfish With”

  1. FishingThePNW says:

    yes, i am in washington.

  2. PatrickCha13 says:

    Do you live above Oregon?You live in Washington right?

  3. FishingThePNW says:

    sweet! they are great little lures! absolutely killer for rock bass! they are pure poison when it comes to rock bass!

  4. bassfisherman135 says:



  5. FishingThePNW says:

    the aa15? are you refering to the mx15 aa reel? the goliath is the rod. together they are a great combo.

  6. FishingThePNW says:

    @NVAUrbanangler sorry, i didn’t get notifications for a lot of my comments and randomly came across this when i went to look at all comments. there are a lot of youtube channels with great information. but experimenting with lures and methods that aren’t completely mainstream seem to be pretty productive. experiment with soft plastics, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, live bait, bottom fishing, float fishing, etc. it really depends on what type of fish you’re going after.

  7. FishingThePNW says:

    @NVAUrbanangler oh, nice i have one of those small buzzbaits too. i like to fish for everything. i mainly fish for those 3 same species of bass but when the bass bite is tough i’ll fish for panfish as well. bluegills, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, crappie, etc. i never really liked trout fishing but i’ll only do it early in the year when it’s too cold to catch bass from shore.

  8. FishingThePNW says:

    @NVAUrbanangler you were throwing a buzzbait on your pen rod? just be careful not to cast super hard and flick the lure out there, the tips are sensitive. what size / weight buzzbait were you throwing? as far as more videos, it depends on whether or not i have time to do it.

  9. FishingThePNW says:

    @NVAUrbanangler i have a few.  the goliath with mx15 all aluminum rear drag combo is by far the best.

  10. FishingThePNW says:

    it says right in the description before the video..

  11. shahalaskater says:

    what did you use to catch the blue gill in swofford pond

  12. FishingThePNW says:

    yeah i know, i’ve been there when it’s like that. there are openings.. find them..

  13. HATINTHEKAT says:

    itll be a tough nut to crack, cuz those weeds have no clear areas and they are just way up at the surface, the most weeds ive seen anywhere so far, any tips?

  14. FishingThePNW says:

    no i haven’t been there recently but the weeds that are everywhere are actually 100% good for the fishing.. what do you think the fish take cover and hide under? figure out how to present your bait and you’ll catch tons…

  15. HATINTHEKAT says:

    oh wtf me too, buncha little black kids, he kept wanting my poles and shit, so i just ate a sandwich until he left, have you fished there recently? i cant find any good spots, theres weeds ALL OVER, theyre withing a few inches of the top and just snag your lures and hooks every cast, help plz =]

  16. darknessfalls714 says:


  17. FishingThePNW says:

    it depends on the type of species you’re going for and the type of plastic you’re going to use for the jig head. i believe there are also different sized beetle spins (the blades). use smaller jigheads with the smaller blades and bigger jigheads for the bigger blades. but just use what it came with. i think i was 1/8 oz with the beetle shads, don’t remember exactly.

  18. darknessfalls714 says:

    whats oz jig head do u use for beatle spins i have a couple but never knew how to use it

  19. FishingThePNW says:

    i was on a boat…

  20. HATINTHEKAT says:

    where on american lake was that? usually i go to harry todd park on the little jetty thing, and where ur at, is it public? plz help i dont wanna pay for bills boat house lol and harry todd park hasnt helped me any =[

  21. HATINTHEKAT says:

    wats better, the aa15 or the goliath?

  22. FishingThePNW says:

    loll whenever the weather gets better and i start bass fishing again. caught rainbow trout today at lake louise.

  23. LippinSmallmouth says:

    man i would hit those weeds with jigs ahah! : D

    hey man when is your next video?

  24. FishingThePNW says:

    🙂 hopefully i’ll get a chance to make some videos this spring / summer

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