Fly Fishing Steelhead & Cutthroat – Oregon Coast Range


A 5 minute documentary film trailer on fly fishing a small remote stream in the Central Oregon Coast Range for steelhead and trout. Courtesy of Small Stream Outfitters.

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24 Responses to “Fly Fishing Steelhead & Cutthroat – Oregon Coast Range”

  1. suntanmikee says:

    Great Video!

  2. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like this then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

  3. shadehunter1 says:

    Fine job, thats what fly fishing is all about, good buddys, good water and nice fish,

  4. darkmossie633 says:

    Great video -excellent catch and release
    -Brit fly-fisherman

  5. willis242000 says:

    I know that steam well I back packed in last summer and spent a week on it…lots of crawdads and trout, dint fly fish it but used small roostertails with the barbs crimped and ultralight spinning rods, I wont give up the name or location out of respect for the poster of the video, nice work guys.

  6. 099A1 says:

    5 man’s that eating sandwich and not fish!

  7. nofaultz says:

    Excellent! What the experience is all about.

  8. slipknotbot says:

    great vid 5 stars i live in the coast range and this shows the beauty of the place

  9. jrdcrpntr says:

    Great Video Guys!

  10. elgene1 says:

    can somebody tellme where is that river or the name of the river

  11. IssueTissue says:


  12. horiaalmasan says:

    Excellent! Relaxed, Fun, Outdoor and Fly Fishing Beauty. Good job!

  13. HosBoba says:

    5 stars from me 🙂

  14. aja978 says:

    nice video

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  15. donpesco says:

    A.) it’s nice to see an unpretentious “watch me catch fish” vid.
    B) Great soundtrack.
    C) Kudos for the small stream orientation

  16. trninic7 says:

    i love this video

  17. ThomLessard says:

    Nicely done video.

  18. dirtbikemike69 says:

    Nice cutthroat and steel.

  19. Tiiggii says:

    beautiful Oregon always beauty

  20. meerforelleninfo says:

    Nice to see…

    greetings and tight lines from Germany.

  21. wenahaone says:

    siuslaw drainage…i bet.

  22. goozmooshak says:

    where is this river guys?

  23. goozmooshak says:

    nive video guys…….where is this river?

  24. deerhtr18 says:


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