Fly Fishing Trout Montana Lakes


Cool clips of trout rising to flies.<!–adsensestart–>

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25 Responses to “Fly Fishing Trout Montana Lakes”

  1. Gerndel says:

    Very well edited video man, musta been beautiful up there!

  2. Gerndel says:

    @awiepking wow, way to show how cool and sophisticated you are. Im sure we can all rest easy now that Asswipeking is on the case to rid us of all the whould be fishing enthusists and their innocent questions about a sport they maybe interested in,phew!

  3. 8324147074 says:

    rednecks rule,damn yankeees

  4. sk8tervolcom55 says:

    this is a very peaceful video

  5. Goodison555 says:

    I think this is one of the nicest vidoes on youtube. When I watch it, my worries melt away and I imagine being in the wilderness, enjoying nature, fishing. I have the album that the second song is from – pls could you tell me what the first song is. Thanks for posting.

  6. bizran1 says:

    how did you get the pictures of the fish
    under water

  7. droc396 says:

    this videos awesome, looks like lovely places to fish, check out trout photos and fly tips for Colorado at

  8. Hertsman50 says:

    If you want to catch fish like this then check out flyfishingunleashed[dot com]

  9. shadehunter1 says:

    Great country and great fishin, thanks.

  10. DreamsofMajesty says:

    scribd (dot) com/nb812

  11. fishingeuphoria says:

    This is the stuff fishermen dream about. 5 Stars!!! And subscribed.

  12. giresunlover says:

    very nice video…thx for sharing ^^

  13. katorade5 says:

    Awesome video Bear tooths are an awesome mountain range and I wasn’t into fly fishing when I went there.

  14. bill7920 says:

    Totally its the same as Alaska in that respect. Mind your business shut up and fish with etiquette. You have to respect the locals and why try and change it to suit you. You dont go around stepping on toes. Its a place that can break you, you have to be a certain breed to live up there.

  15. bill7920 says:

    hahahah right on!!!!!

  16. bill7920 says:

    I used to hate it too but I hear you on the people up there I grew up in NJ and NY and to go from there to the Bozone is total night and day!! I wouldnt trade it for the world!!!

  17. wallacevallejo7o7 says:

    cant stand fishing in lakes myself, always forget the mosquito repellent, and i moved to the silver valley in north idaho (only a 30 min drive to montana) about 4 years ago from california and i understand completely why people up here dont like californians, people up here are so mutch nicer, see how many random people wave hi to you in your town if you live in california or a place like it, its easy to adapt up here

  18. 226jgs says:

    Congratulations, a nice vd with excellent clips!!!

  19. waitnbleed4slipknot says:

    born in phillipsburg mt. now im gillette wyoming i miss it

  20. enjoythewildUSA says:

    What do you use to protect yourself from the Griz that wander those parts?

  21. rswc55 says:

    Thank you!

  22. theprintmaker says:

    1st cut is Bruce BecVar playing “Blue Ridge” – the next tune is Pat Metheny

  23. rswc55 says:

    Great vid! Who does the great 12-string action in the background?

  24. montanastranger says:

    Born and raised in great falls mt. Let me clear all this up. We HATE out of staters that ACT like out of staters. Quite a few peeps i’ve met have come here and hit the ground running because they fit right in and blended in. Most “out of staters” have a snobby attitude that they know this or that better and want to change stuff,…and or do it their way. General consensus says then if u want it the old way go the F back to where u came from. If u have grit and are honestly good. You’ll be golden

  25. CombatArchery says:

    People who come here from out of state who come to montana and bring ther new ideas to the table. But why change Montana its the last best Place
    Without change ther is no grouth..
    Montana Native…

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