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Fly Fishing Waders

Because of the style of fishing being done with a fly rod, and the ease of climbing down into the water to get to the fish you’ve spotted across the creek, or river, more and more people are finding out the benefits of fly fishing waders. Depending on the type of fishing that you are going to be doing though, you will have to think about exactly which type of wader you are going to require, to ensure that you are adequately protected while you are out on the water. Not all waders are created the same though.

Coverall waders, or waders that go from the boot, to the straps over your shoulders, are available for rivers, and deep lakes, as well as cold water fishing. These fully covered waders provide excellent protection against the elements, but also allow you to get a large amount of clothing on underneath them. This means that even in the coldest winters, you can still get out with your fly rod in hand, and begin ripping lips.

For warmer climates, however, a good pair of hip waders may be recommended. These waders end around your belt loops, and provide your legs with a completely waterproof cover. Your chest, and back, are still exposed, however, so it is strongly recommended that if you are wearing hip waders in colder water, to protect your upper body as well.

For summer fishing, or shallow creek fishing, a pair of boot waders are perfect for anglers looking to step down into the water, and become mobile, without having to break out their boat. As you can see, there is a wide variety of options available, and once you begin shopping, you’ll find out that there are even more to think about. As long as you have an idea of what you want, before you start looking for fly fishing waders, you will have a lot easier buying decision.

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