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Pike Fly Fishing

Pike fly fishing isn’t something that a lot of anglers have ever considered. While this area of the sport is upcoming quickly in the last few years, a lot of people have never attempted to chase these brutes with a fly rod. Before you can become successful though, unlike so many stories people you have heard about, trying, and failing, you are going to have to keep a few things in mind. These fish aren’t necessarily difficult to target, but if you are approaching it wrong, you are going to have a much harder time than if you practiced a couple techniques.

There are a few different flies that you can use while fly fishing pike, such as streamers, and poppers. Streamers are great to use because pike are normally feeding on baitfish, and a streamer provides a very realistic imitation to what is on their dinner plate. Because they also move, and end up shaped like a baitfish underwater, it is easy to see that if you haven’t used streamers when targeting pike with a fly fishing rod before, that your results have been so minimal.

Poppers, on the other hand, entice a different type of aggression in the pike. These types of flies remain on the surface, and create small disturbances to attract the attention of predator species. When you plop your fly on your intended target, you are going to want to give the rod tip slight twitches, to force the bug to dance on top of the water. This dancing motion, along with occasional pops will make for some very ferocious topwater strikes. You want to make sure that you have the proper sized leader tied on, regardless of the type of fly that you are using, to keep from spooking the fish.

Fly fishing for pike isn’t something that you can do year round. The spring months are by far the best time to target pike, when they are burying themselves deep inside of weed beds. Make sure that you are using a weed guard while you are fishing around these types of areas, to ensure that you do not spend more time picking salad, then you do ripping lips. Allow your fly to reach the bottom, and then slowly pull it back to you, giving the pike a chance to follow it. Pike fly fishing really isn’t all that difficult if you keep these things in mind.

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