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Sage Fly Rod

The website Sage offers a great variety of different fishing equipment and gear. With a simple search on the internet, Sage is a great place to find for any fisherman. Sage fly rods are handmade and some say that with a Sage fly rod that one can truly perform magic. It is a popular website that has a plethora of merchandise to choose from, and has a stories section that anybody can read.

Sage fly fishing rods are handmade with the best materials available, and come in a wide variety and different series’. Such an example of a certain series, is the Sage Z Axis fly rod. Also offered are the Sage SLT fly rod and Sage SP fly rod. Each of the series is updated often and some new ones are also added as time goes by.

The Sage fly fishing rod retail price vary depending on the measurements and series that rod is from. Some could range from $600 to over $700, without including other accessories. To help save some money, it would be better to wait for the Sage fly rod sale, which can have certain fly rods on sale to a discounted price.

There are also other rods that the site sells, like the Sage launch fly rod. Sage fly rod blanks can come in a variety of colors, so if a fisherman is looking for a certain color, they will be certain to find it.

Sage is a great website for the fishermen who need supplies. Be it equipment or gear, Sage has it all. Rods, reels, apparel, they have a wide variety to choose from. The products are handmade and are high quality, and are sure to last a long time.

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