2017 Ultralight Fishing Gear A Taste of What This Year Has In Store




Imagine a calm day, perfect light breeze…Your standing on the bank ready to land the fish who’s been chasing your bait but hasn’t quite felt the need to strike. Suddenly he does it… He takes the bait and the fight is on! You’ve been waiting for this moment your ready, your prepared….. or so you thought. Your reel is doing it again seems like no matter how much you lube it, when it gets tension it starts jamming up making it harder and harder to reel. That old rod you’ve been meaning to replace has started making that crackling sound, and then…. your worst fear… You lost him! You’ve been working that fish all morning! Snagged him and “Bam!” Your rods snapped, your lines strewn all over the lake, and that reel has finally locked up! You then realize its time for some new tackle, this will not happen to you again.

So on that note lets take a look at some of what 2017 has to offer the ultralight fisherman

2017 has a promising line of ultralight fishing gear available so you wont lose that hard to catcher

Let’s take a look at one of the top rated rods on the market for 2017:

Falcon has just released the new BuCoo SR rod

It’s features include:

Cross directional carbon fiber with “cobra cloth“ reinforcements, Fuji exposed blank reel seat for direct contact and EVA split grip handles for less weight

With multiple flex, action ratings and three different handles to choose from this ones definitely a keeper for 2017

Check them out here:

Next we will be looking at one of the top open faced ultralight reels of 2017:

Okuma has just released the Helios SX Spinning Reel

It’s lightweight carbon fiber, corrosion resistant, and as well as having TCA keeps the internal mechanism of the reel in perfect alignment. “You don’t have to worry about grinding and jamming after a month of heavy use”

Cyclonic Flow Rotor designed to create airflow, which significantly increases the air flow through the ported rotor.

This thoroughly tested design allows for a much faster drying time if the reel becomes wet, minimizing corrosion possibility through out the reel.

Check it out here:

These are just a taste of what this year has in store for us there is a lot to choose from out there and more to come before 2017 is over!

Now the next time you got a good one on the line don’t be caught with your pants down and keep your gear up to date!
“Old Betsy” isn’t going to last forever and it never hurts to splurge and try something new for a change

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