Another Reason to Love Ultralight Tackle-LARGEMOUTH BASS!


Guess what happens when you hook a 7lb Bass on your ultralight rod! ACTION! This video reminds me why I love my ultralight tackle,  a 7 pounder is a big boy by any standards, but with the light tackle it becomes a catch to remember. BIG, HEALTHY 7Lb+ LARGEMOUTH BASS ON ULTRA LIGHT TACKLE RESUSCITATE AND RELEASE. Big wide tail gave me 4 high jumps and multiple long drag runs in shallows. An absolute power house early prespawn not a blown up flabby belly. Respect them and they will flourish.

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13 Responses to “Another Reason to Love Ultralight Tackle-LARGEMOUTH BASS!”

  1. MrSethbo420 says:

    Bass is good eating u just dont know to fry them up good eating

  2. ledburnerss says:

    I fish in NY NJ Penn Conn and Mass. I used to fish in 3 X as many states.
    Do you have armored catfish (Plecostomus) by you? All transplants from South America surviving in the warm states like Peacock bass and Snakeheads + +.
    Please see some of my other videos by clicking on my name. Thank you 🙂

  3. Christian7thSF says:

    Luckily in Florida we have Peacock bass and Snakeheads, they both taste amazing! i had one bass in my life and I did not like it at all, dont see many crayfish here in my lake, only in the everglades. Btw where are you fishin at?

  4. ledburnerss says:

    Out of horrible water they do taste horrible. I do eat bass now and then and out of the 20 or so lakes I fish only 2 produce absolutly premium clean sweet tasting small mouth and large mouth. You need to search out clean water and lakes with loads of crayfish to find sweet fish of all kinds. I find that even catfish aren’t that tasty out of hot muddy waters where bass have poor flavor. Good luck.

  5. ledburnerss says:

    Over a period of many years and hudreds of days of fishing.

  6. Christian7thSF says:

    Bass taste like shit.

  7. Christian7thSF says:

    Hundreds of 5 Ibers? sounds good to me!

  8. ledburnerss says:

    Thank you. Try Googleing Fizzing needle. If you can’t find it, comment to me again and I’ll try to find them for you. Instructions comes with it.

  9. ledburnerss says:

    If you’re going to kill bass try to take only younger 12″ to 16″ bass and leave the large ones to breed and stock the lake. Smaller ones taste better and have less potential to have mercury etc. accumulated. As far as skin… you can either fillet the skin off the fillet or scale the fish first and then filet it to eat the skin. Good luck. 🙂

  10. Mieke van Son says:

    smaller sizes are better eatin’ in my opinion anyway. But boy it’s fun to catch them big ones. LOL>

  11. Mieke van Son says:

    I do!!! That is a beauty. I had one that fitted both my fists. Think about my first fish I caught..EVER.. I had a ball and been hooked ever since. Anyway, questions, video about how to clean a catfish. I clean them but I hate it, it’s not as easy, I filet them like bluegill and bass so I don’t have to deal with them bones but that skin is a pain. Any tips on that???? Or do they not have catfish there? May be dumb to ask but I have no clue. I love your videos and Ready to go out and fish again.

  12. ledburnerss says:

    22 inches up north is an extraordinary sized largemouth bass.
    22 inches down south with the much longer growing season is much more common to catch.
    Maybe you are saying there are loads of smaller bass under 22″ down south too. Upload some videos. Good luck.

  13. MikeOnken1 says:

    22 inches up north is the same as 22 inches down south.

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