The Best Knife for Fishing


The Best Knife for Fishing


A lasting tradition of value, performance and quality, Buck has been one the leading manufacturers of one of the best and finest knives made in USA today. For over a century now, they have been known to make their knives so well and that’s the reason why they put their name on every knife that they make. Although the times have changed, the need for a fishing knife that is reliable continues to be the same. This is the reason why the Buck knives continues to find a way in which to improve their fishing knives so that they can meet the needs of every fisherman.Buck-Knives

Despite all the challenges that our economy is experiencing, Buck knives strives to earn confidence and trust from their clients with each fishing knife they buy. Whether it be one of their famous series knives or a custom made fishing knife, Buck knows that they have the right fishing knife for you and at a reasonable price. The Buck Model 110 is without a doubt one of the greatest knives ever made for fishing, find out more here.

Steel is the soul and heart of a knife. This is what buck does with steel which distinguishes them from their competitors. There are three factors that can be used to measure the degree of a quality blade: strength and ductility which determines how much force your blade can withstand, edge retention which is how long the sharpness or edge of the blade will last and lastly corrosion resistance which is how well your blade is shielded from the Mother Nature elements as well as yourself.

The process of the combination of raw elements at the Bucks’ determines the desired Rockwell Hardness and the level of quality of their fishing knives. These knives are made under the direct supervision of their in-house expert who makes sure that all the above qualities are met in every knife made. They take their knives through a precisely controlled process, changing raw steel into a perfect combination of ductility, hardness, corrosion resistance, hardness and edge retention.

Another crucial step that they take in the manufacturing process of their fishing knives is the grinding process. Grind refers to the gradual slope from the top all the way to the cutting edge of the blade. In their years of experience, Buck have found that the best grind for stronger, sharper blade is the semi-hollow grind, which is used in all their knives.

Lastly, the final test that Buck makes on every fishing knife as well as all other knives, is their final process which involves from testing the Rockwell Hardness of the newly made blades to the last test by their quality control team.

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