i have what i’m told is the first ultralight fishing rod?

Holly L asked:

it’s a st croix imperial 7080xxl does anyone know it’s value and back story? any help will be greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to “i have what i’m told is the first ultralight fishing rod?”

  1. Vinny V says:

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    I looked it up on google: =&_ipg=

    It said it is very rare and hard to find. The value I am not sure about, a certain shape of rock can also be hard to find but if it doesnt mean anything in the human world it wont sell (just an example).

    IF it is in pretty new condition you should store it and sell it when more of them break so youll be the only one.

  2. Bob says:

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    1957 1st Ultra-Light Rod: Remember the 8100-L? Not many do, but it was the great-granddaddy of a flourishing family of St. Croix ultra-lights. Built in four lengths with a Tennessee handle for hands and reel, rods ranged in weight from 3-1/2 oz. for the 78″ model to just 2-1/4 oz. for the 48″ version. Not bad for fiberglass and 1950s technology, even if we say so ourselves.

    1961 Triple-Fiber Content: An ultra-thin glass cloth blended with superior phenolic resins and an exquisite nylon elastomer allowed St. Croix to introduce the Imperial “XL” line of casting, spin/cast, spinning and fly rods. Included was the 7080-XXL, the first full-length (6′) spinning rod to weigh under two ounces.

  3. Steven says:

    Not sure about back story, but st. croix imperials sell for around $200 on eBay so it should be worth more than that.

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