Season Opening 2011


MJ Fishing. (by Hasky2)

colin catches a nice bass on the ultralight pole
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5 Responses to “Season Opening 2011”

  1. Olegspin says:


  2. ds9nate says:

    Its always more fun to catch fish on an ultralight reel! Gotta love it

  3. YourFriendlyMe says:

    not ultra light if it has a caster, play and fight the fish,thats what light tackle is about not hauling it in

  4. YourFriendlyMe says:

    is that a baitcast? if it is you know thats not really ultra light tackle…and your supposed to play it and fight it because if the light tackle..set the drag looser and sharpen your hooks and play the fish …you dont haul in fish with 4# test…its just not light tackle sport

  5. MrNetbait123 says:

    Gotta rod yet for tht baitcaster

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