5 Must Have Ultralight Fishing Lures


So, you, like myself and many others, get lost in the bombardment of selections in the fishing section. So many choices, so much money, where do I start, what color works best, how do I catch more fish. Trust me, I ask myself the same questions over and over again. This is why I took up Ultralight Fishing. You just catch more fish, period. In this article, I will show you 5 baits that are proven fish catchers, some classics in here!

The first, is an all time favorite, and definate classic by any definition. Brought around in 1949 by Mr. Nick Creme, the plastic worm has been catching fish longer than many of us have been around. You can’t go wrong with a 4″ plastic worm with a curly tail, in either green pumpkin, or junebug. Guaranteed fish catcher. If you aren’t getting bit, change your presentation.

Second up is the Rapala Floating Minnow. The jointed version of this lure acts like a topwater spook type bait, but when you reel faster it acts like a shallow diving crankbait. Either way, when the fish are active, this is one of my go-to baits. One thing I do like about the floating minnow is the ability to dead stick it. I have caught more fish, taking a break and talking, then moving it again, than any other presentation. The F4 size in silver with black back is a perfect color in just about any water.

The next one is the classic grub. The good old plastic 2″ grub. It doesn’t look like much, a little round body with a curly tail, on a jig head. To a fish though, it is exactly what they want. A slow moving, chunk of food. You can fish it deep to shallow, fast or slow. Try burning the tail across the top of the water like a buzzbait in the morning or evenings. I use green pumpkin with a chartreuse tail, or even black. Black jig heads on both.

Fourth on the list, is the Booyah Pond Magic 3/16 ounce spinnerbait. We all know that spinnerbaits catch fish. Swim them along the bottom, just fast enough to let the blades flutter, jig it, burn it on top, or wake it just below the surface. These things catch fish, plain and simple. I like the firetiger color for muddy water, and the white with copper blades for stained water. I don’t fish much clear water, but if you do, try White/Silver/Chartreuse mix, with silver blades.

Last, but not the least, is the skirted jig. Even on ultralight fishing gear, these things are proven “big” fish catchers. You catch a grip of fish on ultralight gear, but the skirt jig weeds out the smaller fish. I rarely catch a fish under 1lb using a skirted jig and trailer fishing in ponds.

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