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So you are in the great outdoors, and you are feeling hungry – it’s nearly lunchtime. You come across a river, and your eyes brighten up. Lunch is served!

You’ve probably got a collapsible fishing rod in your backpack, which you pull out, put together, and cast away. Or if you are more badass, maybe you fish with just a line in your hand and yank it up just like that.

There’s just one catch(yes, I just said that!). You are hungry, and the fish are in a testy mood. What if it takes you five, ten, even 15 tries before you get a bite? How long should you keep your line in one spot?
The solution: really tiny portable fish finders that you carry with you in your backpack. They take no space at all – you won’t even remember it’s there until you pull out your fishing line.

smartcast-rf-15e-3v4xorThe fish finders have a sensor that you tie onto your fishing line before you cast it out. Then you throw your line, and the sensor will send sonar beams into the water, receive them, and send them back to your device.

 So far, Humminbird is the only company that makes these fish finders – there’s also Hawkeye, but Humminbirds are much higher quality. If you are a Lowrance or Garmin guy, you will have to wait until they come out with their own!

 The device will show you whatever the sensor is picking up – so you know within seconds of a cast if there are any fish in that spot or not. If there aren’t, just reel up your line and cast somewhere else!

It’s so versatile that you can take it literally anywhere. As long as your cast is within 100 feet of you, you can receive a pretty strong signal. If you are superman and can manage to throw a fishing line further than 100 feet away, you can probably dive in the water and grab the fish yourself!

 So now, instead of waiting, waiting, and waiting, you can know right off the bat, and not delay your lunch any more than it needs to be.

 Lunch? I want dinner! You may say. No worries – the portable device has a backlight, so any fish that tries to outsmart you thinking you can’t find it at night is gravely mistaken. It’s not that you won’t find it – it will find you, staring down at it as it lays roasted on your plate.

 The assembly is pretty simple. When you open the box, there will be a fish finder, a transmitter, and an instruction manual. You can tie the transmitter onto anything as long as it’s a string of some sort. So whether it’s a nylon fishing line or just some thread you stuffed into your backpack as a precaution, the fish finder won’t fail you.

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