Patience and Self-discipline: Learning From Barry Foster


Producer Host Barry Foster

Barry Foster has enough passion to compel fishermen across the world to get out and enjoy an afternoon of fishing. The host of Gulf South Outdoors, however, believes that are the most vital aspects of being a successful fisherman. These two traits, are the foundation that any prospective fisherman or hobbyist will want to adhere to greatly.


Oftentimes, people will pack up their gear for the day and call it quits after just one hour of fishing. This usually ends with the next person catching a plethora of fish in the same spot. While many do not realize it, fishing is very scientific. There are many factors that will determine a good fishing day from a bad one. The weather, fish behavior, time of day and the current bait being used will change every time. This leads directly into the next point.


Fishermen have to be prepared for the unexpected. This means that instead of relying on heavy-duty tackle, bring along all of the appropriate gear for ultralight fishing as well. Those that are consistently reeling in fish have learned that they need to be prepared. The plans for the day never turn out exactly how a person has envisioned. Instead, fish will bite all throughout the day on Sunday and will be scarce on Monday.

Ultralight Tackle

Every person that is serious about fishing will need to divert from the heavy-duty tackle and test the waters with their ultralight fishing gear. A good assortment of equipment will include:

  • Lighted fishing bobbers which are great for night fishing.
  • An ultralight rod and reel. Graphite rods are the perfect choice.
  • Super lines are becoming extremely popular as they are very durable, yet thin.

Learning when to persist with current gear or when to finally change tactics can lead to a great day outdoors. Never put all of your trust in one method as factors can and will change quickly. Bring along both heavy-duty and ultralight tackle to make the most out of the day. If the pros are doing it, the hobbyist will need to as well.

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