Can i go ice fishing with a ultralight five foot rod?

Justyn asked:

If not what kind of rod and reel combo would you suggest for around 45 bucks? How long and everything. going to be my first year

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  1. Sonny H says:

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    i thought ice fishing was when you cut a hole in the ice and dropped your bait in, why would you need a spinner or casting reel?jus use a plastic bottle and wrap the line around and let it drop through the ice, now im from florida and im guessing, but seems right to me. am i wrong??

  2. Steve T says:

    ultralight fishing

    Yes it would be a great rod for yellow perch and trout , of course you don’t have to cast it just drop the bait in the hole, or if your using a ice fishing lure just shake it which is called jigging,
    If you get tired of holding the rod just set it up in the snow and watch the tip for movement

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    yes but you will have to sit 5 ft away from your hole…id just go buy yourself a little ice pole they arent that much

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    I bought a short, 3 foot bass rod at Bass Pro Shops during my last trip to Rancho Cucamonga. It was fifteen bucks! $14.99. It works great for flipping and pitching jigs under docks, and handles fish pretty well.

    I have the trigger rod but there is a spinning rod in the same length available also.

    Graphite Series 3′ Trigger Rod

    Graphite Series 3′ Spinning Rod

    I would love to have the spinning rod version to use in the docks at the marina of my home lake in my float tube for crappie… but tubes aren’t allowed anymore.

  5. BOBBER says:

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    You can But for 45 $ you can get a good ice fishing set up that will work better. Check out cabela’s or gander mountain.

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