Can someone please help me with fishing rod choices?

nana asked:

Okay . . . I’m trying to get into freshwater fishing, and since I only have saltwater fishing rods, I headed over to Bass Pro Shop. Now, the main fish I want to go for is trout.

The man I spoke with recommended a Browning combo. It was ultralight (2-8lb line) and was 6 feet. However, I always hear a lot about Ugly Sticks, and I did see an Ugly Stick combo that was a little cheaper, but it was 4’8” and it was light/medium action (6-10lb line, or maybe it was 6-15 lb line . . . )

What difference does the length of the rod make? Why is the Browning 6 ft., and the Ugly Stick only 4’8”? Also, if I’m going for trout, he told me I should use a 4 lb. line . . . If I got the Ugly Stick, it states that it should be used for not less than 6 lb. line. Could I just put 4 lb. line on the Ugly Stick? Would it really make a difference?

Which combo should I get? Also, what is the best brand of fishing line? I heard a lot about Trilene, but they had so many different Trilene choices, I wasn’t sure what would be the best to go for.

Sorry if this is long and confusing! I just want to make sure that I get something good (and obviously not too expensive)!
I guess my biggest question is about the length of the rods . . . Why is one 6 feet, and the other 4 feet, 8 inches?

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6 Responses to “Can someone please help me with fishing rod choices?”

  1. justin says:

    ugly stick would be my choice
    and the 4 lb test line wouldnt make a difference
    the lb. test of the line is based on what kind of fish you are going after and your reel, not neccesarily the rod.

  2. Create a video blog

    it dosen’t matter just one u like

  3. Website content

    hey there i have not been to impressed with the browning line of rods and reels but the ugly stick is a great great rod. you will probably get a lot of people bashing the ugly stick because they dont cost a fortune but it is a great rod. the one that you saw was probably a light action rod for pan fish. i would recommend getting a 6’6” to 7′ medium action rod. i havent seen too many combos that are sold on those rods but everynow and then you might be able to find a reel already sitting on these. if you dont see one, bass pro carries an abu garcia reel that are great reels that dont run a pile of money. most of the time that “cardinal series” reels run any where between 30-40 dollars. i have used this set up for years and they are both great products. for about 70 dollars you can have a set up that will provide you with years of fishin fun. good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

    abu garcia

    here is a combo that i found on the bass pro site that i would highly recommend if your local bass pro carries it

    good luck with what ever you choose

  4. Andy says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    There are all kinds of trout species. If you are catching the smallest trout then you really only need a thin rod and light line. If you are catching a 3 lb trout you need something heavier.

    Rods only cast well if you match up the size of the line and lure you use with the weight that is printed on the rod near the handle. The rods have different actions so 4 lb line won’t cast as well on a rod that calls for 6 lb line.

    My brother has a 7 foot trout rod, it is ideal for trout. The reason for a 7 foot fishing rod is the ability to cast farther. I have an ugly stick that is 6 feet long and I don’t like it. It just seems too short to me. It doesn’t cast as far as the 7 footer. I think people hype ugly sticks because they advertise them as difficult to break. For trout I would rather have a 6 foot graphite rod, or even a 7 foot rod.

    I fish where you might catch a 2 lb small mouth bass, or a 10 lb catfish, or a 6 lb walleye. Therefore I use a rod that is 7 feet and heavier than a trout rod. A trout rod would bend too much and I wouldn’t be able to control the larger fish with it.

    If the bottom is sandy and the fish are small you can get away with 6 lb line. I always use 8 lb line because 6 lb line always breaks too easily for me. But I am casting as hard as I can into strong wind. There are lots of big rocks too.

    I like flurocarbon line. I am sure Trilene sells it under their name, along with other companies. It is virtually invisible underwater.

  5. lupster says:

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    The ugly stick combo is a good choice to get started with. I just purchased on a couple of weeks ago and I like the combo. The reel is open faced and is pretty smooth. I fish for trout and I prefer the 6′ pole. I seem to be able to cast further with the longer rod. Used to use 4 pound test but lost a coule of nice fish with line breaking. Now I use Stren 8 pound test.

  6. Jamie says:

    Create a video blog

    The longer the rod, the more way it can give to the fish in fight. You can use lighter line with a longer rod. I use an 8’6″ for 5-15 lb salmon on Lake Michigan with 10 lb Trilene extra strong. Great times with the light tackle. By The way, Ugly stick is the way to go. And a 6 footer would work great with 6 lb smooth casting line by treline.

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