10 Tips to Improve Your Fly Fishing the rod, reel, waders and flies, there’s something else that sets you apart from other sportsmen. You love your game enough to do it all day, every day. As a dedicated fly fisherman, you relish the idea of spending the rest of your life getting better and better at the only outdoor sport that […]

Remote Control Fishing 101 The Radio Ranger Remote Control (Fishing) Boat!


I see a kid playing with a remote control boat, or should I say what I thought was a rc boat. Everything looked normal until I saw a fishing bobber trailing behind the rc boat.

Fly Fishing For Bass – Why Not?


Normally when you think fly fishing you think trout. Historically fly fishing is reserved for mountian streams and rivers. Fishing for bass is normally done the old way with conventional lures and baits. Here's a twist, how about fly fishing for Bass?

Ultra light fishing for golden trout


Fly Fishing Steelhead & Cutthroat – Oregon Coast Range


A 5 minute documentary film trailer on fly fishing a small remote stream in the Central Oregon Coast Range for steelhead and trout. Courtesy of Small Stream Outfitters.

Trout Fishing Secrets.


Trout Fishing Secrets Revealed – How To Catch A Trout Everytime: When Spinner Fishing Your Favorite Stream Or River! Trout Fishing Secrets.

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Ad For Remote Control Boats for Catching Fish

Great Gift Idea for the Fisherman!