Pen Style Fishing Rod That Fits in your Pocket….


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An ultra light fishing kit that is inspired by the Dave Canterbury fishing kit.

great for lightweight campers, ill have videos on using it

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33 Responses to “Pen Style Fishing Rod That Fits in your Pocket….”

  1. moderncaveman100 says:

    I drilled a hole in the cap, but be careful not to remove the seal inside the cap. After that just threaded a small diameter cordage through the hole and tide a simple knot. I’ve found that heating up a needle and melting it through the cap works best. Thanks for watching.

  2. Charsept says:

    just bought the little pain reliever container, about to start building mine 😀 thanks for the idea

  3. Charsept says:

    that hand strap looks like essential. how is it tightened?

  4. moderncaveman100 says:

    thanks for your post. Small kit is for sure. This is one of several kits I use in my survival kit that I pack with me all the time. It’s always better to be able to pack a little more if possible. This is more for an altoids kit carried in your pocket. Appreciate the post!

  5. MrCamperman123 says:

    it seems small it also seems hard to hold my fishing kit is 5 inchs but any way if its good for u then nice job

  6. cougarbahia says:

    what a gr8 video. im gonna make one for sure ty karen

  7. chinglengvang says:

    Hey thanks man that’s a good idea

  8. joe2trees says:

    Yea thats under Murphys fishing law ! lol

  9. SluggySlugworth says:

    Good Video. Quite the clever idea with the pill bottle.

  10. moderncaveman100 says:

    It always happens when someone is watching! LOL

  11. joe2trees says:

    Good job ! Practice and you wont get the trees ! Remember that alot of fish are very close to shore anyhow.

  12. freshtosaltfishermen says:

    hey, nice vids, if you sub, I’ll sub back!

  13. moljihuyfetr66 says:

    прикольный хуй.

  14. yellowsnow71 says:

    ur holding it upsidedown

  15. mrbluegill55 says:

    Where did you buy that… mine broke and i am looking for another

  16. GoorseBoy says:

    the penfish rod reel sucks!

  17. LTP1996 says:

    @3:30 if i saw you in person i would probly punch you for using your gear like that. JS

  18. TheLovetocatchbass says:

    its a midget rod

  19. bluejay148 says:

    hi where you find the key chain ones they are neat and the spinning and fly reel goes upside down the suppose to hang below the rod

  20. 220joey says:

    Were did u get the pen rod

  21. calebstarnes5 says:

    no need to apologize:)

  22. FishingDude71 says:

    Sry. i thought he was showing us how to use it.

  23. calebstarnes5 says:

    why dont you watch the video and find out?

  24. calebstarnes5 says:

    he was just demonstrating it, the handle gets in the way of the reel, he just wanted a better shot

  25. FishingDude71 says:

    U do not know how to use a fly reel ==” face down!!!

  26. psmay32003 says:

    How did the rod hold up? Didn’t see any videos of u fishing with it. Thinking about getting one but just wanted to know if it lasted.

  27. crankinchris44 says:

    how much is this pen rod with the fly reel it comes with

  28. bigchawmcgraw7 says:

    Yeah both reels were up side down… And the key chains are for show not use

  29. thamir61 says:

    i have the same one its 48 inches!

  30. FishingNYC says:

    That’s cool, but it’s a lot smaller than a 57″ inch Pen Rod Extreme or a 63″ inch Goliath by Penfishingrods,com

  31. livaboardsailor says:

    dude not to be mean but the reels at the end… dont even bother, putting them in a kit good for a joke but just use a hand line, by the way your home made fishing pole with reel is great!

  32. zander319 says:

    is this the gold or blue suntek one???

  33. thecomedydoctors1 says:

    It’s great and all, until we get to the part where you have both the spinning and fly reel upside down… Isn’t holding it up kinda a problem weight wise? just throwing this out…

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