Fishing Pole Review: Ugly Stik Ultra Light


Cool rod that holds it’s own. We catch channels on it
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “Fishing Pole Review: Ugly Stik Ultra Light”

  1. Thompson6352 says:

    I like using the ugly ,Black bass fishing with 7ft ugly and pinnacle bait caster the best

  2. Moneymaker1939 says:

    man ur awesome

  3. ryanrrx says:

    Have you tried the 2pc 8’6 rod? I can’t find any reviews on it! I may just get it for striper fishing

  4. bacardipr05 says:

    I have an Ugly Lite Pro its slightly different than the standard ugly. Has a cork handle an its more sensitive. I have it in 5’6 Light (one model before ultra light). I use it to catch Bass/Channels an for Gills. Its flexible an sensitive enough to make Pan fishing fun larger game fish its a thrill yet it still has that stiffnes 1/3 rd of the way down from tip to land bigger game. The last big hoot i had on it was 2 weeks ago i was baitfishing an 19 inch Striper hit my bait.

  5. bobvillal says:

    ive got 2 ugly stick combo rods one is is a med action the other is a light i put some bigger reels on them w/ some catfish line(25lb) cajun red and ive landed monsters on the ugly stik there damn near impossible to break would highly recomend this to any1 for anyfish also kept the small reels in the top of my box for catching bait…

  6. TheFoundersWereRight says:

    Yeah. Truth be told, It was the only fish caught that day and my little brother was miffed that I caught it on an ultra light

  7. TeamUGLYfishing says:

    Thats a nice channel

  8. TeamUGLYfishing says:

    Those are some nice catches. Yea ugly stiks are great

  9. TeamUGLYfishing says:

    yea these rods are great

  10. TeamUGLYfishing says:


  11. TeamUGLYfishing says:

    let us know how you like it

  12. TeamUGLYfishing says:

    yea they are

  13. chinglengvang says:

    aha! these can break
    funny though
    when i set the hook on a crappie it breaks
    but on a channel cat it does not break

  14. geraldlee33 says:

    I only use ugly sticks, they are the boom.

  15. ChaseClark541 says:

    Just bought one today at bi-mart… Can’t wait to try it out this weekend!

  16. TheAwsomeman56 says:

    i just baught a 5 foot ugly stick and caught a 1 foot bass

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