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If you are itching to get out and sling a few lures, you can rest assured knowing that you are only going to need a few small items, and they are going to be easily carried with you wherever you decide to head off fishing. Your ultralight combo, tackle box, and a few select lures are the only ultralight fishing gear you need to get out and have a great day on the water. We all know that ultralight fishing helps you catch more fish, big fish too, but who ever knew that it really was this easy to get on the water?

Picking up a quality ultralight fishing combo is key though, as you want to generally stay away from the models ranging in the $15 to $30 range. Not that all of the models in this price range are junk, just that it is the way they normally go. Only new manufacturers that are producing quality start out in this price bracket, and they often see how they compare and quickly raise their prices. The price difference isn’t a whole lot, and considering that the rod and reel combo are going to be around for a while, you can easily see why investing the extra $20 or $30 this year will save you a few bucks over the next few years.

A small ultralight fishing tackle box is all that you need, and if you look through the posts, you’ll see exactly the type of tackle box that I carry with me while I am bouncing from pond to pond. The box easily fits into my back pocket, and carries the essential lures for ripping lips on golf courses, retention ponds, and even backwater cuts that haven’t seen people in years. These two pieces of equipment, your patience, and a few chosen lures are all you need to unloaded the pond of her bounty. Just make sure to let ‘em go after you catch ‘em!

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One Response to “Recommended Ultralight Fishing Tackle”

  1. vince says:

    Shakespeare makes some good stuff for under $20
    I picked up a 6’6″ telescoping rod for $15 and a reel for $19, and they work great. I landed a big carp on that rig last year

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