Review the Best Options Ultralight fishing gear for beginners and kids.


Unless you’re 2-5 years old then use some real ultralight fishing tackle, you want to catch fish right. For the same price as the Princess fishing combo or the Spiderman combo, any tackle store will have a nifty Ultralight casting rod and reel combo. Isn’t it time you introduce Junior to the real world of fishing? Now that you have the rod and reel pick up some tackle. Again, you can pick up an inexpensive tackle box already full of great lures, jigs, and spoons to add to your worm collection. Ask for ultralight tackle or you’re going to miss the the action of fighting the fish. Check out my suggestions for a rod and reel combo, and my pick of baits that will guarantee a memorable fishing experience for you and your kids.

I show you what I use in the smaller places to fish in my area

This carp took my bait a few minutes after it came swimming past me. When it passed I thought: if this one takes my bait I’m in trouble! I just started a fishing session on roach or bream with a very light 9 feet rod, 12/00 nylon line and a hook nr. 12 containing one sweet corn particle. After 10 minutes I was able to get the carp in my net. Hooked nicely in the front of it’s mouth the hook came out easily and the carp was quickly released unharmed.
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