should i get a 5’6 or 6’0 rod for trout fishing, i was looking at some ultralights and dont know which to get?

esandoval276 asked:

or should i go bigger,mostly fishing lakes and resoivers, also what size reel i heard my 2500 might be to big

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5 Responses to “should i get a 5’6 or 6’0 rod for trout fishing, i was looking at some ultralights and dont know which to get?”

  1. Bryce K says:

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    Lakes – bigger equipment. Streams: ultralight is better.
    Just my opinion!

  2. jesus says:

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    get 6’0 its better! u can use it for anything!

  3. Rob says:

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    Not much difference other than you may be able to cast a few feet further with the bigger one. Which, if you are fishing open water is great.

    As for shorter rods, I use them when fishing in and around brush or under trees. I walk a creek that has lots of shrubs and it easier to get around and under overhang when fishing.

  4. raprunr says:

    If you’re fishing lakes you should try a 7 ft rod. I use a 9ft as well. I am very experienced and use a 4ft ultralite for trout fishing. If fishing creeks i would go with the shorter rod you mentioned. You need a reel that will hold at least 100 yds of whatever lb line fishing in lakes.

  5. Peter_AZ says:

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    The 6 ft rod is about 10% longer (distance from reel to rod tip) so you will be able to cast about 10% farther (all else being equal). Casting distance matters more in lakes than in streams, so I’d go with the longer one.

    The reel should be one which is made for the strength of line you’re using (probably about 4 pound test if it’s “ultralight”) — without the brand name, I have no clue what a “2500” is. You could go to the manufacturer’s website and see what the recommended line strength is for that model reel. In general, a capacity of 150 yards is plenty for ultralight fishing. (The rod should also have a line strength or range specified, so you make sure the two match.)

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