Swamp Fishing


Ultra light fishing is essential, when going into the wilderness of a swampland. Perhaps no other environment poses a greater give and take, than swamp fishing. Monsters grow in the swamps! Desolate and isolated fish can truly reach there full potential in most Louisiana swamplands. Filled with giant collections of vegetation and ecological activity, all swamp life is vibrant, but how does that affect the fisherman? Whenever a fisherman heads into a swamp, he wants to be prepared. No other environment poses more risk, and harm than the swamp. While instantly mosquito’s come to mind, from my days in the New Orleans Bayous, there is also the danger of alligators and snakes. Nothing can be more cumbersome than catching the wrong critter, so always remember to bring a blade, to cut the line if nothing else, when the wrong fish is on the line.

The negativity aside, swamps still are home to some great fish. Some of my best fish have been pulled out of the dreariest, shallow water swamps. The fish can be full of protien and great to eat, as well, because the swamp provides them such natural nourishment, as opposed to more polluted lakes or rivers. Again though preparation is the main necessity whenever you are thinking about venturing into swampland. While swamp monsters do not exist, many dangerous insects do. A can of strong bug spray is always the first necessity. On top of that dressing can be an interesting topic. Swamps create damp, humid climates, so what does a fisherman wear? Every man is different, however choosing your personal balance between heavy garments, that will keep bugs off, and push away brush can have its advantages, usually the humidity can be overly cumbersome. I like to wear under armour, thin, athletic long sleeves. Like you see football players wearing under their pads. That way my skin is protected from bugs, but I find I do not over heat, because the gear is made to be worn underneath football pads. Also whenever I head into the swamp, I bring a lot of hooks. A lot of snags occur on vegetation of the swamp, and keeping a quality lure on hand is essential. Also whenever swamp fishing, I always, always, bring a partner. Going into the swamp is bordering dangerous, and with the threat of alligators, one is always smart to bring a drinking buddy. I also suggest that when swamp fishing, you bring some sort of weapon. I bring a knife. Just in case an alligator does get snagged on the line and things have to get sticky on the boat.

The downsides to swamp fishing are obvious, but as I said before it can easily yield fantastic results. Swamps are home to a huge variety of fish, that all have great protien. While I usually throw away all the little mouths, I am always gunning for the monster. No where else are there as prehistorically large, fish as in the bayou. New Orleans is one of my favorite fishing holes just for that reason. Getting set up down there can be extremely rewarding as well, right around Mardi Gras. So whenever planning a fishing trip, thinking about New Orleans is always a good idea, especially with your buddies. I love swamp fishing and highly suggest it to friends. Most people are scared of it’s cumbersome nature, in comparison to lakes and streams, but like I said, no where else will you find a better mantle fish, than in the swamp!

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