Tips and Techniques for Catching Black Bass


Largemouth bass, sometimes called black bass are favorite fish for millions of North American anglers. These stout bodied members of the sunfish family are found in lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks throughout the continent. They eat almost anything that will fit in their huge mouths.

Although usually easy to locate and catch, at times these intelligent fish can be a challenge for anglers. Having an arsenal of techniques will increase the odds of success. To increase the odds of success, anglers can experiment with these bass fishing tactics:

– Fish the early part of the day. In some locations the bite can be incredible during the first hour of daylight.

– Cast as close as possible to structure such as downed trees, overhanging limbs, bulkheads or lily pads.

– Target areas of water flow such as culverts, channels, stream-pond junctions, tidal rips, etc.

– Watch for seasonal food sources and adjust fishing techniques to match bass behavior.

– During periods of bright sun and clear water, use ultralight outfits or employ fly fishing gear to present small natural baits to wary fish.

– Try bass fishing from a kayak. Kayaks allow bass fishermen to fish areas that are impossible to reach using conventional boats.

– When fishing in heavy cover, try using weedless lures or other simple lures that are less likely to get snagged.

– Wear polarized sunglasses to help see fish, the bottom or structure.

– Carry essential fishing gear including line cutters, pliers, bait knife, camera, etc.

– Keep a journal, noting time of day, weather conditions, barometric pressure, moon phase, water levels, etc.

The author is an outdoor enthusiast and writes content for outdoor websites including Freshwater Fishing News, Chesapeake Bay and Fish – Fishing Art.

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