Trout Fishing Gear – Everything a Trout Fisherman Needs for Success


Fishing is the kind of sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. From tiny tots, to octogenarians, there is just something about spending a few peaceful hours at water’s edge that gives the soul a sense of calm and renewal.

Successful trout fishing requires a little more than just a rod and reel, though. A serious trout fisherman takes into account technical information such as trout feeding habits as well as weather and water characteristics.

He will also invest in trout fishing gear that is specially designed to help him catch more trout. A wide variety of trout fishing gear is available.

There are a few items that are absolutely essential for successful trout fishing though. Those items include obvious things like bait and lures and fishing rods.

A serious trout fisherman will also invest in a good set of waders as well as waterproof jackets and nets. This type of gear helps a trout fisherman get the most bites and enables him to bring more trout to his supper table.

To catch trout in small streams a trout fisherman needs an ultralight spinning rod. This type of rod is made up of a shorter than average flexible rod with an exposed spool. Trout tend to avoid obvious fishing lines, so invest in a thin, light fishing line also.

For bait, a trout fisherman can choose from live bait, like grasshoppers, nightcrawlers, leeches or mayflies to bait their hooks. He might also choose commercial trout bait made into pellets from corn and salmon eggs.

Another option is a lure. Trout especially like the rotating propeller shape of a small spinner lure. When a lightweight spinner lure is used, the fisherman might need to add weight to the line to ensure a proper cast.

A trout fisherman also needs a good quality net to haul in the fish. All of this trout fishing gear can be put into a reasonably-sized tackle box for easy access at water’s edge. Other essential trout fishing gear for a serious trout fisherman are waders or boots and coats and hats.

Since trout prefer cold, clear water, a trout fisherman might be chilly all the time if he doesn’t dress for the weather. Waders, which are designed for wading right into the stream, come in thigh high length and chest high length.

It would also be a good idea for the fisherman to get a good waterproof hat and coat to ward off the chill.

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