ultra light spin fishing?

SEA asked:

I am going for large mouth bath/ small mouth bass….. what is the difference between ultralight spin fishing and just spin fishing?

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  1. Bill T says:

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    well ultralight is exactly what it sounds like, most ultralight tackle is designed for light lines (2-4) while regular spin tackle will handle up to about 50lb test line. i have found that fishing with ultralight tackle is alot funner and more challenging. if you havent invested in anything yet, dont spend too much and go to a good dealer who can help you along with matching everything up.

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    Ultra-Light spinning is suited for small lines. 2-6 lb. test. Great for bluegill, sunfish, trout and maybe even bass if you want a real challenge. Spinning tackle, on the other hand has a high line capacity. It varies from the brand, model, etc. though. Hey, if you really want a challenge go ahead and go with Ultra-Light. That’s my kind of ruff-edged style haha. But, regular spinning is more suited for small and largemouth bass.
    Hope i helped ya out.

  3. Cope says:

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    Typically ultralight gear is used for panfish. I use ultralight gear for crappie with 4 pound test line while for bass I’ll use a medium action rod with 10 pound test line.

  4. Fisher_King says:

    You already have some great answer’s, (Thumbs up to Bill & Charles).

    Just a quick note: Because of the recent advances in fishing lines (Braids & Flurocarbon), you can’t really distinguish “ultra light” only with a designation in line size.

    Ask yourself?

    Is a person using (for example) Berkley Fireline 3/8 braided line ultra-light fishing?

    Answer: Not “really”……

    Ultra-light fishing is light line, light rods, & light reels.

    For Bass: Any rod that has a a line designation of either 2-4LB (Mono) or 4-8LB (Mono) would be considered ultra-light.

    A reel designating lines from 4-8LB would be considered ultra light.

    Lines rating from 2-8LB “breaking strength” would be considered ultra light.

    Ultra light is also species and area specific. If your ultra light fishing for (say) Marlin you would be using lines rating from 12-25LB line.

    Hope this helps clarify ? Good fishing!

  5. Caffeinated Content

    Like everyone else has already mentioned ultralight spinnning is more of a challenge when fishing for bass,but fun. Generally I use 8 to 10 lb. line on all of my spinnning reels and sometimes even up to 12 lb.depending on the situation and the technique. I wouldn’t suggest using anything heavier than that on spinning tackle with the risk of the line springing off the reel. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. just have fun.

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