finding the right spinner bait for me?

SEA asked:

what is the most ideal color and weight that are used for spinner bait?

and is ultralight fishing rod combo ideal for spinner bait?

if not could you recommand me ideal rod combo? thanks

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6 Responses to “finding the right spinner bait for me?”

  1. The Wormist says:

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    ultra light is not suitable for casting spinnerbaits. most weigh upwards of 1/2 an ounce with a very light one weighing 1/4oz. an ultralight outfit has not the backbone to cast or set the hook with these.
    better off with a medium heavy rod and at least a sturdy spin-cast reel although a good baitcaster would be far superior.

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    Are you talking about a Bass spinner bait? If you are, then ultra light is far too light. I use a 6′ MH action trigger rod and a bait caster. But i do use my spin casters as well. Spinning reels don’t do too well. Another thing to remember is always use a graphite rod so you can feel every thumping of the blade. Most of my spinner baits are 1/4 oz. but i use a few 1/2 ouncers.

  3. Tarzan says:

    Get a Rooster tail spinner bait with white checkered body,silver blade and white tail then u all set for sand bass,Large mouth bass and sometime drum fish.That’s what we use down here at Texas Lakes.


    hey man, it really all depends on what type of fishin that you are going to do. if you are going after panfish then a light action rod will work and for the spinner i would recommend using a beetle spin, rooster tail or pretty much any lure of that size or nature. if you are wanting bass you might need a medium action rod. has more backbone than a ltra light and light action rods. i am taking a guess here and i appologize if i am wrong but are you new to fishing or atleast fishing with spinners. and if you are it is great that you are picking up fishing. if that is the case i would reccomend getting a boohyaa mini spinner. it is a great great all around spinner meant to target all sizes of bass. there are people out there that only fishes with big lures so they only catch big fish. that is great and all but those huge fish are normally few and far between. the smaller bass creates huge fun while you are waiting on ol mr. walmounter. the mini is made in all colors and dpending on your water conditions depends on the color that you are going to need. but two good combos of colors the lure comes in yellow and white ((that is probably the color pattern seen most often)) and they have on that is blue and black. get one of these minis and i promise you that you will start reeling them in good luck good fishin be safe and remember to share the experience

  5. freaky says:

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    You need medium heavy rod with a shimano curado reel.I like secret weapon spinnerbait.It is a kit you can change them as needed.They have a review on them on for as color.You need to know color water and some other thinga to determine what color what kind of blades.

  6. Mike says:

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    rooster tail is the best you can buy and there about $2 a pop and there great and easy to use.

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