Ultralight fishing question?

Backwater Charlie asked:

In your opinion, what is THE BEST, ultra-light rod and reel on the market today? Be sure to include length of rod and brand, along with brand of reel, etc.

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3 Responses to “Ultralight fishing question?”

  1. mac says:

    ultralight fishing

    Fenwick Eagle 5′
    I like Shimano reels so the baitrunner or sedona to match the rod.

  2. Caffeinated Content

    its cheap but it’s caught tons of trout and panfish and even a 8lb striper

  3. Fisher_King says:

    You got a “loaded question” here BC! (wry grin)

    Ultra-light fishing from shore? From a boat? How much is your budget? Would you be fishing for Trout/Panfish in small streams OR is this an Ultra-light for bigger fish?

    The “best” Ultra-light for (say) fishing in a boat, where money is no object, but value is?

    My pick-

    1. Shimano, Sustain FE, SA1000FE, reel-

    2. G.Loomis GLX Series, SJR721, rod-

    I can only imagine what this combo would fish like…..(lol). I don’t own any $600 combo’s!

    A more “realistically” priced “best” combo??:

    1. Shimano, Stradic FI, ST1000FI, reel-

    2. Falcon Ultra-light, 6′ model-=&navAction=push&catalogCode=QZ&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat601233&hasJS=true

    Personally, I like a 6′ Ultra-light rod for shore-fishing. If I’m fishing on a boat, I’d move up to a 7′ model. Always remember, “Length equals power & leverage”, (which can be very important when targeting big fish with an Ultra-light).

    The most important part of an Ultra-light reel is it’s drag system. I’d rather have a slightly larger “ultra-light” reel with a larger drag surface than, (say), a Quantum Micro with a “herky jerky” ,, drag system……”Bad drag equals break-offs”.

    Heck, I think you probably know this stuff already BC.

    By the way, “Yahell” deleted my congratulation Q……….I was going to choose your answer as best! (lol)

    See ya on the board BC, (wink).

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