Creating Bamboo Fly Rods Takes Mastery Of The Art


Since the early nineteenth century craftsman have been slowly turning out bamboo fly rods with extreme precision and attention to detail. Fly fishermen cherish these rods, and come at a hefty price compared to their mass-produced nylon counterparts in the market. Depending on the detail and custom design that is ordered, one of them can take from forty to sixty hours to produce the product. The expense does not come lightly either, and be ready to shell out any where from seven hundred to two thousand dollars for your bamboo rod.

The process of creating a fly rod with bamboo material requires great hand eye coordination, attention to detail, and some very specialized hand and power tools to accomplish this task today. Two hundred years ago it may have taken a rod builder four or five times longer to accomplish what they do today in a week’s time. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list that could take up to a year for an established builder to get around to making your order. Pre-payment may be required as well, since this will be a one of a kind rod built especially for the customer.

Everything on a special ordered fly rod can be customized to the client, and the handle is one item that can be sculpted to perfectly fit the customer’s hand for hours of enjoyable casting, and of course catching their favorite sport fish. Specifications even down to the eyelets, how many pieces the rod will break down into, and of course the length of the assembled rod. These rods are used for decades with a little maintenance performed by the builder, and can become a cherished heirloom to hand down for generations to come.

Since this is not a commodity produced retail item, each part comes with a hefty price tag. Make sure when interviewing local craftsmen, that you find out what their favorite parts they like to use on their own rods, and what upgrades are available, that can increase ease of use, and even more longevity to the finished piece. Do not hesitate to check out their reputations online either, as the there are not that many artisans that work in this industry. Buying online can be a little tricky, unless you want to leave most of guess work to the your builder, and trust their experience in getting you what you want in the end.

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