Inflatable Kayaks For Fishing?


A lot of anglers are on a budget when it comes to selecting their kayak fishing watercraft, and this leads them to wondering about whether or not inflatable kayaks are good for use as a kayak fishing craft. There are a couple things that you have to think about, before you buy your first inflatable kayak, to ensure that you take the necessary precautions, when fishing from an inflatable kayak. If you do intend to save money, by fishing from an inflatable, you are going to need to make sure your hooks get nowhere near the sides of the boat, especially the seams.

When you are fishing, it is highly advised to use sharp hooks. However, when you are fishing from an inflatable kayak, this can quickly leave you in a very bad situation. By landing one of your super sharp hooks onto the boat, and then leaning against it, or even stepping on it, you are going to cause the kayak to begin losing air, or worse, completely deflate, instantly. As you can imagine, unless your gear is tethered to a flotation device, you are going to lose all of the money that you have spent.

Another situation that must be avoided at all costs, while you are fishing on an inflatable kayak, is keeping hooks away from the seams of the boat. It doesn’t matter if you are using a sharp hook, or a dull hook, in this situation, because once it has positioned itself perfectly, into the seam, and you give it a swift tug, you are going to lodge it into the side of the boat. These little plastic flaps provide the perfect spot for hooks to get stuck, and most anglers would simply pull it out, rather than moving slow, and pulling it down, to ensure they aren’t going to put holes into the boat.

As long as you take these tips into advice, you can really have a fun day on the water, while saving money, by purchasing an inflatable kayak. Please though, make sure that you keep these in mind at all times, while you are on the water, to ensure a safe trip back home.

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