Fly Fishing Bass – Catch Magazine – T-Motion Issue #6 by Todd Moen


DVD FOR SALE! Best of Catch Magazine – Season 1 Alpine Bass by Todd Moen – A T-Motion feature for Catch Magazine Issue #6 – Online Fly Fishing Magazine Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography & Film Winston Fly Fishing Videos-Movies T-Motion Sponsored By Simms Fishing Products http

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25 Responses to “Fly Fishing Bass – Catch Magazine – T-Motion Issue #6 by Todd Moen”

  1. Tuberidin01 says:

    I love this video. I love watching him cast at 2:20. I love how he pulls the line on both the back cast and forward. I’ve been working on that myself. I was trying to toss around some poppers around today but the water was really still, and clear. The bass would chase it but they wouldn’t hit it. I made sure to be patient when the lure first hit the water before pulling, and made sure to leave a decent pause inbetween my pulls. Any tips anyone?

  2. monstermouthfishing says:

    5/5. THAT WAS GREAT!!!

  3. ecollins92 says:

    best video ever, great job man, i bet tht was fun really in those big bass on tht fly rod

  4. zanderjeger says:

    Super fishing! Super Movie! 5/5

  5. 100MGM says:

    how do u get T-motion

  6. Vyccia says:

    What a great peace of work!!! I just can’t stop waching it!!!

  7. TheDerk09 says:

    Great job!

  8. Vyccia says:

    Fantastic !

  9. Val0n says:

    subbed, nasty video man! i found a bass fly at a pond i go to and this inspires me to try it 😀 ive already learned fly fishing soo it wont be much different. bigger bait for bigger fish 😀

  10. TheVicFishing says:

    omg 4:03

  11. beerandflyfishing says:

    @TheVicFishing That popper is definitely made with a Rainy’s foam frog body. They come in sm, med, and lg. You can dress them any way you like. I have some and they are sweeeeet!!

  12. TexanFishin says:

    man those are some big bass on the fly

  13. UnFrEd13baller says:

    nice video and great fish!!!!

  14. tremolowarlock says:

    I’m a swimbait and soft plastics for bass kinda guy, but the more I watch this video, the more I wanna take up fly fishing for bass… It’s always awesome watching a big bass blow up on a top water, whether its a Spook or a topwater frog of some sort, but just see one in this vid blow up on a popping frog drives me nuckin’ futs! I wanna do this!

  15. tremolowarlock says:

    I’m a swimbait and soft plastics for bass kinda guy, but the more I watch this vid, the more I wanna try it…

  16. ibtnm25 says:

    Yes Sir!

  17. NiNj4k0S says:

    awesome video! thanks for sharing!

  18. TheVicFishing says:

    omg!! this is so awesome whats the name of that popper? and Can I use it with a regular spinning reel/rod ? Thanks

  19. MrWatersnake12 says:

    @hujipher the white river indian point is a great rod i have caught trout, bass,and even salmon on this little rod and i love it. its cheap and dependable

  20. ernflores says:

    i’m pissed cuz my internet sux and i can’t watch this awesome video!

  21. mortardoc says:

    @hujipher you could get a 6 wt white river dogwoodcanyon fly rod for i think mine wz like 50-to 60 bucks if i remember correctly

  22. thecoggster says:

    what state is that in??? Looks like new england but bass dont get that big there. He caught at least 5 5lbers

  23. batstarwars2 says:


  24. MrBullsh1t says:

    i lovE tHE Rain pARt…you will feel really really enjoyable when you go to fishing at the rain day….

  25. rimbahunter says:

    that was the real hardcore

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