Mid Summer Tips For Ultralight Fishing


If ultralight fishing is your thing, then summertime is your best chance to catch the bigger aggressive fish in the pond. Summertime temperatures are increasing outside, and in the waters that you fish, and most people think they the bass are getting lethargic, and will only chase large 12″ roboworms, this time of year. That is untrue! Here are a few tips to help you with your ultralight endeavor. The first, is to make sure your body is protected. The sun, bugs, and sweat will make fishing a miserable experience. Next, bring a few good lures. Last but not least, don’t forget your patience.

When I say that you need to cover up, I mean, make sure you have adequate protection for your skin. The sun can eat you alive, and unless you like being sunburned, I suggest covering up. This also goes for the bugs too. Bugs are attracted to vivid colors, so when you are out ultralight fishing, make sure you are wearing neutral colors, and preferably blend in with your surroundings. This keeps the fish from noticing you on the bank as easily. You don’t want to use bug spray, as the chemicals in it will repel your fish. I know you have heard stories of people dipping their worms in gasoline, but come on now. In all seriousness, even if you don’t believe that it repels fish, at least do it because you want to keep the chemicals out of the water you’re fishing in. But know for sure, it does repel your fish. If you spray bug spray on yourself, and then touch a lure, the scent will transfer, and fish can smell this underwater.

A couple of baits that I recommend using this time of year, are some buzzbaits, poppers, jigs, and worms. This time of year, the water is heating up, so the bass become more lethargic (slower) during the days when the sun is high. This is when you want to switch to a jig or worm, because the fish can’t look up to see your bait. They will also be moving a lot slower due to the higher temperatures, remember, bass can’t regulate their body temperature, and most ponds are usually only 10 feet deep or less.

Work the buzzbaits in the morning and evenings if you see swirls on top of the water. This means the fish are actively feeding on insects, and other things that land on the water. If you don’t get any takers on your buzzbait, switch over to the popper. Using poppers right before, or right after a good afternoon storm is perfect for catching out of control bass.

Run the buzzbait back through the shallows at different speeds, until you go over a fishs head, or figure out the speed they want to chase and eat. You will know. Remember that when you get a fish to take the bait, don’t set the hook right away. Wait until you feel the fish moving the line before you pull on the hook, to keep from yanking it out of the fishes mouth. Using a trailer hook works great on buzzbaits! It increases your hookup ration dramatically!

Jigs and worms are great on the bottom, when the sun is high. Fish don’t tend to look up for their meal when the sun is right above them, they don’t have eyelids, and can’t cover it. You don’t look up either. So go to the bottom. Some of my best producing colors in jigs and worms are shades of greens, browns, blacks, or blues. In stained, tea colored water, use the greens and browns, in muddy, or hot chocolate colored water, use the blacks. Black gives off the best silohuette in muddy water, you may also consider adding a rattle to increase the fishes ability to locate your lure.

Do not forget your patience, when you leave the house this summer to go ultralight bass fishing. You have to remember that the water is a lot warmer now than it was 2 months ago. These fish get lethargic in most of the places that we use ultralight fishing gear. These ponds, creeks, and reservoirs range from 2-10 feet deep, at most 15 feet. And with the acreage of each pond being low, it increases the body of waters temperature. In other words, it heats up like a glass of water in the sun. This makes the fish move slow, and not want to eat.  By focusing on topwater in the mornings and at night, and using bottom baits during the mid day and afternoon, you can be guaranteed to catch more fish with ultralight bass fishing gear!  Bluegill fishing tips come in all shapes and sizes, but the main thing to focus on is downsizing your lures.

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