2017 Ultralight Fishing Gear A Taste of What This Year Has In Store



Basics for catching wild freshwater predatory fish.


To catch any fish, what is essential is the ‘understanding of the fish’, in other words, knowing their natural habits, which will allow anglers to gain an advantage and directly increase their chances of landing a good catch.     In the case of common predatory species such as the Redfin (European Perch / Perca […]

The Best Knife for Fishing


The Best Knife for Fishing   A lasting tradition of value, performance and quality, Buck has been one the leading manufacturers of one of the best and finest knives made in USA today. For over a century now, they have been known to make their knives so well and that’s the reason why they put […]

January and February Fly-fishing Clinic


January and February Fly-fishing Clinic Ultralight fly fishing is a great way to catch fish, but many people do not know where to begin. Not only do people not know about casting, rigging or knot tying, they simply do not know where the best areas are to fish. This January and February, however, the North […]

Backpack fishing electronics


So you are in the great outdoors, and you are feeling hungry – it’s nearly lunchtime. You come across a river, and your eyes brighten up. Lunch is served! You’ve probably got a collapsible fishing rod in your backpack, which you pull out, put together, and cast away. Or if you are more badass, maybe […]

Patience and Self-discipline: Learning From Barry Foster


Barry Foster has enough passion to compel fishermen across the world to get out and enjoy an afternoon of fishing. The host of Gulf South Outdoors, however, believes that are the most vital aspects of being a successful fisherman. These two traits, are the foundation that any prospective fisherman or hobbyist will want to adhere […]

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Ad For Remote Control Boats for Catching Fish

Great Gift Idea for the Fisherman!