Telescoping Ultralight Fishing Rods/Combos


So what exactly are telescoping ultralight fishing rods/combos? We’ll get there one step at a time, let’s just start with the rod first. This rod is usually made up of 4-6 pieces, and they are tapered from end to end before the rod is assembled. This allows the rod to collapse into itself, when you push on the end of it. When you are ready to go fish, you simply pull the end to extend the rod, and line up the eyes to make sure your line doesn’t bind. They are perfect for storage, because they normally take up 12″ – 16″ of space! I keep one in my glove box of my car, with a small 6×6 plano tackle case, holds a couple worms, grubs, hooks, jigs, weights, and a popper.

The storage of this thing means you can take it anywhere. If you spot a pond on the side of the road, you can just jump out and go fishing. Ever been trekking through the woods, and find a nice little honey hole? Ever try to drag your tackle box, and 2 heavy action baitcasters back there? Then try casting with trees around? You will understand why you need one of these rods.

The combo part of the deal however, is where most people go down the wrong path. They automatically assume that combo means better price, which mostly relates to better deal. This is true, however, most of these combos use plastic parts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at one of my previous articles, We Discuss Your Ultralight Fishing Rod Open Reel, in it I explain what plastic parts mean to ultralight fishing. Nothing good!

As long as you take the time while you are in the market for a new rod or combo, you can find a decent deal, with very good quality. On telescoping ultralight fishing rods/combos there are a few key things to look for while you are wanting to purchase. Make sure the fiberglass or graphite is reinforced where the parts join together when you extend the rod. I have had rods snap at this point before, so just a heads up.

One other thing, is the rod eyes. Make sure they are built of decent materials, not paperclip thick metal bent around the rod. These should have a decent amount of fiberglass hardener over them, so they should be thicker than most parts of the rod. So just keep an eye out for those couple of things, and you can’t go wrong!

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