Ultralight Bass Fishing During Summer At Night


During the hot summer days, most people would rather wait until the sun set, than to go ultralight bass fishing. Once the sun goes down however, there are a few factors that come into play, when it comes to using ultralight gear. This isn’t saying that you can’t catch fish at night with ultralight tackle, however, you just need to employ the correct techniques.

First things first, when the sun sets, bass have limited vision. Yes, their vision is still better than ours, but they rely more on their lateral line to “feel” movements in the water, rather than their eyes, to see it. They also pick up scents better at night, because of the limited vision. All this means, is that when it comes time to pick a lure, make sure you have something with some thump, or scent to it.

Night bass fishing really weighs more toward heavier gear, but you can still catch fish with ultralight tackle at night. Some baits that I highly recommend using are topwaters. You don’t get to see the explosion, but you still hear it, and feel the fish. The reason I say that I prefer ultralight topwaters at night, is because of the noise they make. Almost all topwaters have some type of noise to them, and this helps fish key in on the lure.

Good baits that really stick out in my mind are buzzbaits, and poppers. Use your buzzbait if the fish are very active, and run the popper if they are in a neutral mood. If you are able to see the water, and tell where your strikes are coming from, usually on full moons, or around this period, have a worm or jig rigged up with a rattle, and some scent ready to throw to missed strikes.

A lot of strikes will be heard, and this makes your adrenaline pump for a split second, usually causing you to pull the hook from the fishes mouth. If a second cast to the area doesn’t reveal the fish, this is when you toss the jig or worm to the same spot. Fishing with jigs and worms at night takes extreme concentration to avoid killing fish by gullet hooking. I prefer using braid at night when ultralight fishing because of its sensitivity, and low visibility.

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